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What is an IME and Do I have to Go?

What is an IME? An IME technically stands for an "Independent Medical Examination."  But, it is really an insurer medical exam.  In Oregon, workers' comp insurers may send injured workers to up to three IMEs.  This is basically the insurer hiring a doctor to give an opinion as to whether you injury or condition is related to work.  They are very common and one is scheduled in nearly every workers' comp case.  The IME doctor will then draft a written report to the workers' compensation adjuster describing their findings and indicating whether they think you have a valid work injury.  The workers' comp adjuster usually makes their decision about accepting or denying the workers' compensation claim based upon the results of the IME.
Do I have to attend an IME exam?
Yes.  As part of the workers' compensation claim process, the insurer is entitled to request you go to up to three IMEs.  You must participate in this process to continue with your claim.  Ke…

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