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Injured While Working From Home?

Is It Workers' Compensation When You Are Injured Working From Home? Now that many more people regularly work from home for their employers, this question comes up a lot.  Can an injury that happens in your own home be workers' compensation? The answer is yes.  The legal question is whether the injury happned when you were in the "course and scope" of employment.  This means you were working (i.e., on the clock) and that you were doing something work-related.  In other words, if you stood up from your desk to get more printer paper and tripped and fell, that is workers' compenstioan.  If you were on a break, taking your dog for a walk, when you tripped, it is not workers' compensation.   The most basic question is: were you doing a work related task or actitivity during your working hours?  If so, you can file a workers' compesnation claim for the injury.  There is some gray area here as well.  Sometimes an injury might occur while doing a work related task

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