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Lost Wages Time Loss Checks Late in a Workers' Compensation Claim

What Should You Do When Your Lost Wages Checks are Late? When you are injured at work and have work restrictions, the workers' compensation insurer must pay your lost wages.  This is also called time loss or temporary disability.  The insurer must issue your first check within 14 days of receiving your work restrictions.  The checks should then continue issuing every 14 days until you are back to work. If your lost wages checks are late you will want to retain a workers' compensation attorney  to assist in getting you a penalty.  It costs nothing to hire a workers' compensation attorney in Oregon.  If you are owed a penalty for late payment of lost wages or time loss checks, the attorney's fee will not come out of your benefits.  The insurer will have to pay you a penalty and your attorney a fee separately. Can you get a penalty for late payment of lost wages checks? Yes!  The insurer will owe a penalty of up to 25 percent of late or unpaid lost wages or time lo

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