Looking for a Workers' Compensation Attorney in Oregon?

Are You Looking for a Workers' Compensation Attorney in Portland?

If so, you may be having luck as most of the attorneys who represent injured workers in Oregon are in the Portland area.  There are also a good amount in Salem and Eugene.

I have offices in Beaverton, Clackamas, and Portland.  This allows me to schedule free consultations with clients at the location that is most convenient to them.  Click here for more information about my office locations: Workers' Comp Attorney

Are You Looking for a Workers' Compensation Attorney in Rural Oregon?

Are you in Pendleton or Burns?  Maybe a small city on the Coast?  If so, you may be having a difficult time finding an Oregon workers' compensation attorney.  There are very few attorneys who are able to maintain full time workers' compensation practices in those areas of Oregon.

How Can I Find a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

If you live somewhere where there are not many attorneys and are having trouble finding a lawyer who can help with your workers' compensation case, here are some options:

First, try searching for a workers' compensation attorney in the nearest large town or city.

Second, offer to travel for your meeting and hearing date.

Third, ask if you can have your initial consultation via phone.

Can I Help?

Yes.  Please give me a call if you are looking for an attorney or have questions about your claim.  I am happy to do a consultation on the phone.  I also often work with clients via e-mail (and regular mail) so they do not need to drive to Portland to retain me for their workers' compensation claim.

You can call me directly at (503) 975-5535 or send me an email: Contact Us


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